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It takes many players to succeed in any project. The key to the CPSP’s strength is the participation of Canadian paediatricians, subspecialists and other health-care providers in the monthly collection of information on rare paediatric conditions. These are our most valued players.

Also highly valued are our principal investigators who review and analyze the data collected to provide us with knowledge and educational solutions to help children and youth around the world.

IMPACT (Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive) centres and Canadian Institute for Health Information deserve a special thank you for their role in the verification of data collected. This continued association can only bring more credibility to case ascertainment.

The CPSP Steering Committee members are the coaches who continue to guide the program by providing a wealth of knowledge and leadership while addressing key challenges for the future.

The partnership between the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has allowed the CPSP to grow in Canada and to take a leadership role on the international scene. We recognize and thankfully acknowledge this historical support.


Funding for the CPSP is required to support program management. The surveillance program is funded through a combination of government support and unrestricted grants from Canadian charities, research institutions, hospitals and corporations. All funding is provided to maintain and expand the program.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support received in 2015 from the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Health Canada’s Therapeutic Effectiveness and Policy Bureau, and the following non-governmental sources:

  • Queen’s Pediatrics Departmental Development and Innovation Fund
  • SUDEP Aware