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Organizational structure

The Steering Committee guides the development of the program, addresses key challenges for the future, and determines the overall direction of the CPSP. The committee meets annually in the spring and the fall to review the progress of existing studies, to consider protocols submitted for future inclusion in the CPSP.

Between Steering Committee meetings, a working group deals with relevant issues and concerns relating to the overall daily running of the program. More specifically, the working group coordinates proposals for new studies and promotes the program through a series of publications, including regular CPSP Highlights in Paediatrics & Child Health, articles in the CPS News, and a series of abstract presentations at both national and international meetings.

Steering Committee

The Committee includes experts in paediatrics, epidemiology and related disciplines, including genetics and child neurology. Specific representations on the committee include: the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS), IMPACT (Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive), and the Paediatric Chairs of Canada. Also included are liaison representatives from the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists and the Canadian Association of Child Neurology.

Steering Committee Members

Jonathon Maguire, MD (Chair)*
Canadian Paediatric Society
Christine Armour, MD
Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (liaison)
Peter Buck, DVM MSc
Centre for Food-borne, Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases, Public Health Agency of Canada
Marie Adèle Davis, MBA*
Canadian Paediatric Society
Elizabeth Donner, MD
Canadian Association of Child Neurology (liaison)
Ciaran Duffy, MD
Paediatric Chairs of Canada
Joanne Embree, MD
IMPACT (Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive)
Krista Jangaard, MD
Canadian Paediatric Society
Melanie Laffin Thibodeau, BCom*
Canadian Paediatric Society
Sarah McDermott
Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control, Public Health Agency of Canada
Charlotte Moore Hepburn, MD*
Canadian Paediatric Society
Paul Muirhead, LL.M.
Jay Onysko, MA*
Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada
Jennifer Pennock, MSc
Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Infectious Diseases, Public Health Agency of Canada
Jorge Pinzon, MD
Canadian Paediatric Society
Anne Rowan-Legg, MD
Canadian Paediatric Society
Miriam Santschi, MD
Canadian Paediatric Society
Jill Starkes
Canadian Paediatric Society

* Working group member