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Congenital rubella syndrome

1996 - 2004 · Concluded

Paul Varughese, DVM, MSc

Study results can be found in CPSP 2004 Results

CPSP Highlights

Published papers

  • Rubella elimination: The Canadian experience

    Macey JF, Tam T, Lipskie T, Tipples G, EisBrenner T. J Infect Dis 2011; 204: S585-92

  • Prevention of congenital rubella syndrome

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  • Following up on unfinished business – prenatal rubella screening and postpartum vaccination

    Tam TWS. Editorial, CMAJ 1998;159:1117-8

Resource articles


  • Congenital rubella syndrome ‒ An international perspective: Are the results comparable?

    Grenier D, Doherty J, Medaglia A. Canadian Immunization Conference, Victoria, in December 2002