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Severe alcohol intoxication in adolescents

2013 - 2015 · Concluded

Amy Acker, MD, FRCPC, Queen’s University, Hotel Dieu Hospital, 166 Brock St., Kingston ON  K7L 5G2; tel.: 613-544-3400, ext. 3362; fax: 613-544-3559; ackera@hdh.kari.net

Karen Thomas, MD, Queen’s University, Department of Pediatrics, Kingston General Hospital, 76 Stuart St., Kingston ON  K7L 2V7; tel.: 613-544-3400, ext. 3305; fax: 613-544-3559; thomas.k@queensu.ca

Study results can be found in CPSP 2015 Results

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  • Severe alcohol intoxication in Canadian adolescents: 2-year surveillance data

    Acker A, Dow K, Norris M, Allain D, Thomas K. Canadian Paediatric Society Annual Conference, Charlottetown, in June 2016 (poster)

  • Severe alcohol intoxication among Canadian adolescents: Data from first 18 months of surveillance

    Acker A, Dow K, Thomas K, Allain D, Norris M. Canadian Paediatric Society Annual Conference, Toronto, in June 2015 (poster)